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Legos of snowboarders and snowboard race courses and jumps.
Lego Snowboard Big Air Comp (3536)
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Lego Snowboard Super Pipe (3585)
Snowboarding and LEGO wouldn't seem to be a natural fit. The former is dependent on smooth surfaces and fluid movements; the latter is built predominantly out of little bumps. But this 225-piece set arrives at some pretty interesting compromises. Following the detailed graphic instruction manual, assemble a large "half-pipe" snowboarding arena with naturalistic touches such as little trees. The two LEGO snowboarders, one dressed in black, the other in red, schuss along on the ends of longish LEGO rods that you hold. Sure, that's obviously not how real snowboarders do it but once you suspend the disbelief a little bit, it's actually pretty fun. Since this is LEGO, it's also compatible with other sets, meaning that you can attach any old LEGO pirates or spacemen to the boards and send them off for the ride of their lives. --Charlie Williams


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